Holiday Time in Tofino – improve your mental wellness 5 ways

by | Oct 21, 2022 | Wellness

at the sea in Tofino

What makes vacations and holidays so good for our mental wellness is that we make a space, a gap in time, an opportunity, to express ourselves more fully and sometimes we also spend this time with others.


Holidaying in Tofino is particularly good for mental wellness. Here are some of the ways:


1. Vacations give us time

Perhaps time is one of the greatest gifts in a vacation. Time feels so compressed for many of us nowadays and opening it up can mean, for example, having an unrushed occasion to make a meal with companions or feel unhurried when dining out – a wonderful gift to ourselves and those we are with.


2. Holidays lessen stress

Even though adjusting to new environments can be stressful for some, for most of us the adventure of new places to go and new activities is stimulating, encouraging our bodies to release happy hormones. Going away means we leave most of the stresses of home behind us, and Tofino Hummingbird Cottage is a particularly restful place to unwind. It is quiet, except for the sound of sea surf and birds.


3. Vacations give time to be with friends and family

We often spend vacation time with friends or family that enrich our lives, while we enrich theirs and create lifelong memories. Or, for those of us that replenish ourselves in solitude, we gratefully take that treasured open space in time alone to recharge.


4. Holidays make us happier

We all know that holidays almost always make us happier. Even research groups say so; they have found that holidays lessen depression and can improve heart health. Holidays give us a space and a time to look inward, set new goals and dream dreams. Being away from our norms and encountering strangers who may act and live differently can help us evaluate and reset priorities in our own lives.


5. Vacations can broaden and strengthen us

Encountering unforeseen obstacles on vacation, such as with making decisions on where to eat, can force us to bring out our creative side to make a plan. This strengthens our capability to deal with adversity in the future. And if you visit Tofino and decide to learn to surf or stand-up paddleboard while you are here, that will certainly broaden your experience and increase your neuroplasticity by learning a new skill. The great news is you take those new strengths home with you.


Taking a vacation can be one of the best uses of our time. Time is our most precious commodity; we all have 24 hours in a day. It is how we spend it that determines the quality of our life and the degree of our mental wellness.




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